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Best practice business improvement solutions from Productivity Australia

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Productivity Australia  is an established Australian business consulting and training company that specialises in providing best practice business improvement solutions and strategies to a broad range of organisations. Productivity Australia utilises project based learning methodology by doing and training public and in house workshops in the implementation of business strategies.

Kaizen and Lean management principles for waste elimination and continuous improvement are used by Productivity Australia in their consultancy projects. With a well experienced team of professional workers who are consultants and trainers for various management schools of thought, Productivity Australia offers customised business solutions, techniques and expertise.

In addition to consulting services, Productivity Australia also offers online courses, in house training sessions, induction programs and special workshops for interested groups. This includes case study analyses, simulation projects and applied projects. Productivity Australia also regularly conducts seminars and discourses on currently relevant academic content for business improvement.

Six Sigma, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean Production are some business methodologies applied by Productivity Australia. Certified courses on the standard business methodologies as well as related topic like Risk Assessment (RA), Problem Solving (8D), Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Kanban pull systems (JIT) are also offered by Productivity Australia.

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