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UGS announces Delivering Machine Tool Value program

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PLANO, Texas - UGS Corp., a provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and services, announced the NX CAM Express Delivering Machine Tool Value program, which provides application-specific CAM software to small- and medium-sized business (SMB) manufacturers with new machine tools.

The NX CAM Express, a full function numerical control (NC) programming application, is the CAM component of the UGS Velocity series portfolio.

The Delivering Machine Tool Value program emphasizes the role of a comprehensive CAM system in supporting the new machine tool technology. Investments in new advanced machine tool technology typically generate immediate returns on investment (ROI) for manufacturers.

UGS is working along side machine tool vendors to provide an effective CAM system that supports the full capability of the new advanced machines. This collaboration enables UGS to provide a CAM system that supports the new machines along with post processing, controller options and machine configurations as well as joint customer support to help customers reach their maximum productivity.

According to Applied CIM, its machine tool customers purchase new technology in machine tools in order to gain the efficiencies that drive bottom line profits. These efficiencies are realised by process optimisation, NC Programming and knowledgeable vendor support.

Applied CIM views NX CAM Express from UGS as a capable and comprehensive system offering for its customers to complete their machine tool investments

The Delivering Machine Tool Value program focuses on helping manufacturers derive more value from their machine tools by increasing utilisation and optimisation for the technological features for which they were purchased.

The Delivering Machine Tool Value program is important to key machining industries such as:

  • In the mould and die industry, high-speed machines are the driving technology. An investment in high speed milling machines demands NC programs that are able to drive the new machines effectively. The NX CAM Express has the capability to efficiently program and optimise high-speed roughing, re-roughing and finishing.
  • In the production machining industry, multi-function turning centres and mill-turns reduce cycle times when properly utilised. These capable and multi-faceted production machines require process planning and programming over the full spectrum of milling and turning. The NX CAM Express provides the synchronization and simulation designed specifically for the production machines.
  • In the machining of complex parts, 5-axis machinery is the key to manufacturing complex geometry cases. From aero structures to turbo machinery to medical applications, 5-axis machines are the key to set-up reduction and efficient machining of complex parts. The NX CAM Express provides highly capable 5-axis NC programming designed to optimise around this technology.

The NX CAM Express has the in-depth capabilities to address the programming requirements of these advanced and productive machines. As part of the Velocity Series portfolio, the NX CAM Express is focused on ease of use, fast deployment and scalability so users can take advantage of its capabilities quickly and easily as their needs demand.

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