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Synchronous Technology offered by Product Lifecycle Management

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Product Lifecycle Management , markets, sells, implements and supports software technologies and related services that improve product development and product lifecycle management capabilities for its customers.

Synchronous Technology is an example of the technologies offered by the company with the aim to facilitate simple design changes to 3D CAD models.

The problems arise because most 3D CAD applications store the construction of 3 CAD models in a “History Tree” system, a a complex, multi-layered set of mathematical functions and procedural operations. Unless users understand this language, he or she is unable to alter it.

Synchronous Technology removes the need for the user to understand the underlying complexity in 3D CAD models. Users simply select the piece of geometry or feature they wish to change, indicate how that change should be done and then change it.

While this sounds simple and logical, the reality is that such a system is extremely difficult to develop until now. This is because this system imposes the huge burden of having to deal with all the underlying mathematical complexity to the application.

Another capability of Synchronous Technology is its ability to automatically recognise Functional Features and edit them very easily and simply. Functional Features are not the typical features CAD systems deal with such as pockets, bosses, etc. Functional Features are collections of topology (3D geometry) that define real life engineering features, like complex ribs or stiffeners. These are typically made up of several if not hundreds of traditional features. With the Synchronous Technology Functional Feature finder, these can be selected and changed in a simple two-step process.

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