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Rapid PDM deployment for SME manufacturers

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PRODUCT Lifecycle Management (plm) has released a product data management software in Australia and New Zealand specifically for small to medium size manufacturers.

Teamcenter Express integrates with plm's two top-end product lifecycle management suites, NX and Velocity, and provides the SME sector with the relative capabilities of its top-end product NX Engineering.

As the core product data management component of the new Velocity series, Teamcenter Express provides companies with a set of preconfigured and easy to deploy design and data management solutions.

Teamcenter Express will help in the following industrial segments:

* Mechanical machinery and equipment.

* Electromechanical.

* Consumer electronics.

* Consumer products.

* Automotive components.

* Tool and mould shops that support the above industries.

Plm director Dennis Colusso said Teamcenter Express was developed for the SME, but was also of benefit to divisions of larger companies.

"Medium-sized manufacturing companies needed several areas of their businesses to be addressed.

"In some cases it was rapid growth and an explosion of engineering data, a need for improved efficiency of design, a migration from 2D to 3D CAD environment, a call to maximise reuse of proven components where appropriate, or they just found it cost prohibitive to implement and maintain a product data management system.

"Teamcenter Express has revolutionised the market as it can secure corporate design data while facilitating access by authorised personnel, exact change from 2D to 3D, give a search capability for design reuse, streamline engineering processes, reduce errors for a more effective collaboration between departments, rapidly deploy a full featured cPDM solution, and above all lower the total cost of ownership,” he said.

"Low cost of ownership is delivered through a high level of functionality, the minimal IT resources required for initial implementation and ongoing maintenance, fast and easy learning curve that requires minimal training, and carefully preconfigured industry best practice workflows."

Teamcenter Express has the following core capabilities:

* Complete search and retrieval for quick part and product information.

* Managed check-in/checkout that protect integrity of engineering product information.

* Revision/version control to manage information changes in a dynamic environment.

* Multi support that integrates data into a single product structure.

* Comprehensive product that manages document specifications and other non-graphic assets.

* Industry best practice.

* Embedded visualisation to enable users to dynamically view 2D and 3-D virtual products and documents.

* Easy view and mark-up that allows multiple ways to access product information during the review processes.

* Multisite capability to establish engineering and manufacturing teams and perform knowledge sharing.

Installation is simple. A special design installation procedure includes automatic creation of the Teamcenter SQL database instance preconfigured to industry best practices.

The Teamcenter Express web application, file vaults, full text search capability, administrator client and licence server are all installed in a single session.

A preconfigured cPDM environment includes user groups, user roles, standard searches, workflow processes, standard reports, dataset types, dataset forms, BOM (bill of materials) formats and lists of values it is delivered during installation.

Small and medium-size companies typically need to manage data in multiple CAD formats, so Teamcenter Express has excellent multiCAD capability including integration with the most commonly used CAD systems, and the ability to integrate data from multiple CAD systems into a single product structure that can be viewed and managed as a complete assembly.

This can be data from customers and suppliers, a legacy system data or data from a company that was acquired but uses a different CAD system.

Industry best practice workflows for design release and engineering change are built into Teamcenter Express.

The product also has product structure management and BOM creation, Best-in-Class visualisation, standard reporting capability, ERP integration, and multisite option.

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