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article image Exponential increases in design development.

AUSTRALIAN distributor and implementer of product lifecycle management (PLM) software plm , makes a return to the event after a successful 12 months across many industry sectors.

Armed with software that gives businesses exponential increases in design development and productivity while allowing faster times to market, plm will hold active demonstrations of many product suites and encourages all delegates to participate in hands-on demonstrations of actual field solutions.

In addition, associate company Edge software Australia will demonstrate its Solid Edge Version 16 CAD software that reduces the cost and time to make and communicate design change requests.

Director of plm, Dennis Colusso, says smart companies that have looked past the initial fear caused by globalisation now recognise how PLM software streamlines the move by a company of any size into the realm of the worldwide market.

"PLM software saves time, money and mistakes at all levels of a product's lifecycle," said Mr Colusso.

"From the initial point of parts inventory to the end stage as far along as delivery, we have products that have been able to totally transform the fortunes of companies ranging from a small mould maker to those as large and diverse as the Royal Australian Navy.

"We are confident that almost every business owner and manger involved in manufacture, product design, research and development or straight out asset management will recognise they are currently likely to be spending far more money than they should be.

"For that reason, we have a major presentence at Austronics/Automate/Electrix 2004 to demonstrate various advanced configuration management and mechanical design software products, for which our company has exclusive distribution rights in Australia."

Two of these will be the Teamcenter suite of product lifecycle management software and Unigraphics NX design software.

Teamcenter helps companies to identify, capture and share diverse types of product knowledge and leverage these information assets in automated processes that streamline crucial stages of a product's cycle.

Based on UGS PLM software, this product lifecycle management software maintains a smooth flow of product information throughout an enterprise, or supply chain, and across an entire product lifecycle.

It establishes a web enabled extended enterprise to allow all participants in a product lifecycle - including suppliers, allied partners and customers - to capture, control, evaluate and leverage diverse product knowledge.

With Teamcenter, data gained from the in service maintenance, product testing, or even the disposal and recycling sector of the company is used as information which the software processes to create a highly detailed model of what the product should be.

Unigraphics NX is a family of total product engineering solutions facilitating conception, design, engineering and validation of discretely manufactured products and captures all 3D product definitions in a completely digital environment.

Working right across the product development lifecycle, Unigraphics NX integrates the customer's best practices and processes with highly advanced CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software.

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