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PLMA announce release of Plant Simulation software

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Product Lifecycle Management Australasia  (PLMA) has announced the availability of Plant Simulation, a software solution from Siemens PLM that allows users to relieve bottlenecks, optimise throughput and minimise work-in-process in warehouses, factories and logistical operations.

The Plant Simulation software allows users to create well-structured, hierarchical digital models of production facilities, lines and processes, as well as logistical operations and storage and warehousing operations. This is achieved through powerful object-oriented architecture and modeling capabilities that enable users to create and maintain even highly complex systems, including advanced control mechanisms. The simulation models take into consideration internal and external supply chains, production resources and business processes, allowing you to analyse the impact of different production variations.

Dennis Colusso, Director of PLMA says, “Producing and selling more products does not necessarily lead to more profit, not if your manufacturing operations are inefficient.  Given the large amount of capital and wage expenditure inherent in manufacturing operations, manufacturing efficiency is key to profitability.”  “Plant Simulation has proved to be an invaluable tool for many organisations, in diverse industries such as food and beverage, consumer-packaged-goods, food processing, logistics and supply chain.  Plant Simulation enables organisations to do “what if” type simulations and optimisations, on their operations before committing to a real world implementation.  We feel Australian companies have much to gain in terms of increased efficiency and productivity by using such a tools, which is imperative given current global challenges.”

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