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PLM , in conjunction with EDS, has announced the launch of Unigraphics NX 2 in Australia and New Zealand, the latest version of its next generation integrated computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) software.

EDS' NX strategy, announced in March 2002, is a roadmap to create value for clients by enabling Digital Decision Making throughout product development.

Unigraphics NX 2 also represents the next step in unifying two of the world's leading product development software solutions - Unigraphics and I-deas - which the company obtained in its 2001 acquisition and merger of the former UGS and SDRC organisations.

"The NX 2 release is another significant step toward achieving our NX vision for Digital Decision Making," said PLM Products president Chuck Grindstaff.

"NX 2 delivers important enhancements to the breadth and usability of our modeling, manufacturing and digital simulation tools. In addition, we have enhanced our knowledge-driven automation capability and extended the integration of key NX capabilities into our Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) software environment."

NX enhancements are targeted at reducing product decision complexity and enabling users to employ Digital Decision Making in the development process.

Beyond traditional benefits of reduced costs and time to market, NX enables manufacturers to capitalize on knowledge capture and reuse to improve quality and drive innovation.

Unigraphics NX 2 includes enhancements to all five strategic focus areas in the NX strategy - knowledge-driven automation, integrated digital simulation, system-based modeling, total product engineering and Teamcenter integration.

NX knowledge driven automation extends the range of captured knowledge beyond geometry creation into other aspects of the product lifecycle.

This enables users to "preload" the product development process with manufacturing and systems performance knowledge to optimise design decisions.

Integrated Digital simulation reduces product development cost and creates exceptional products meeting strict design criteria by enabling users to check design concepts against functional specifications earlier in the product development process.

System-based modeling allows companies to rapidly evaluate design alternatives at the product concept level through the use of schematic templates.

Unigraphics NX 2 delivers major enhancements across the broad range of integrated, production-proven applications from product concept to manufacture.

Teamcenter, EDS' suite of PLM software and services solutions, enables users to identify, capture, and share diverse types of product knowledge and leverage these assets in automated processes that streamline crucial stages of the product lifecycle.

Through enhanced integration between NX and Teamcenter, users are able to integrate engineering data with all other information related to a product's lifecycle to create a product knowledge repository.

This secure storehouse of product knowledge enables manufacturers to more easily manage design and manufacturing processes, and extend collaboration across the supply chain.

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