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New module in the Teamcenter suite

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PRODUCT Lifecycle Management (plm) has announced the availability of a new module in the Teamcenter suite -- Teamcenter Content Management.

The new capability extends the functionality of the Teamcenter Aerospace and Defence Solution enabling the authoring and publishing of compound documents to be managed in conjunction with the product configuration.

Teamcenter Content Management manages the generation and publication of SGML / XML based information from within an enterprise-wide controlled single source repository.

Teamcenter core functionality builds the platform for content management and the framework to support SGML / XML authoring and publishing applications

The SGML / XML components become part of the overall product definition and can be managed by Teamcenter in areas such as relationship management, workflow processing, change management, security control (including ITAR), program execution management and configuration management.

This integrated capability ensures that publications are driven off the known configuration of an asset, using a single source repository. This gives the ability to produce, for example, maintenance manuals for an aircraft that reflect the accurate configuration of that particular tail number.

This will eliminate the traditional problems of aligning the published documentation with what is authorised under configuration control.

Teamcenter's open framework is reflected in the design of Teamcenter Content Management with the ability to support a selection of market leading authoring and publications tools and a number of standards including S1000D.

"We are aware that S1000D is not just about publication, but also about the definition of a generic product structure, particularly applicable in the Aerospace and Defence market. This extension of the Teamcenter(tm) solution is a natural one to align with S1000D," says Barry Tregidgo, general manager of plm.

The release of this capability delivers document composition, editor tool integration, DTD/Schema management and style sheet management that enables Teamcenter(tm) to provide a single solution for what has traditionally required two products.

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