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article image Unifies multiple machines and speeds jobs.

PRODUCT Lifecycle Management Australasia has released NX Machining, a program that allows NC programmers to directly access comprehensive design, assembly and drafting tools in the same unified system.

Design changes are automatically propagated to machining operations. This effectively provides a complete development solution for programmers and manufacturing engineers to work with part models, create and assemble fixtures, develop toolpaths and even model entire machines for 3D machining simulation.

The software includes two and three-axis milling, five-axis milling, drilling, turning, combined milling and turning, merging lathes, electrical discharge machining (EDM), engraving, feature-based machining and high-speed machining.

Applications include tool path verification, machine tool stimulation, post processor building and editing, process templates, tool libraries, feeds and speeds data, feature based machining, parts and assembly modelling and editing, fixture design, machine tool modelling and kinematics, geometry translators, shop documentation output and data management.

Feature-based programming facilitates automatic creation of optimised machine programs directly from part design models. Process templates and wizards ensure the use of preferred and proven machining methods for high-quality finished products.

Try outs are eliminated at the machine tool stage as operators are able to exercise full material removal and machine tool motion simulation in the digital NX programming environment. NX also handles programming of multiple function machines and eliminates multiple setups and transit times. NX supports flexibility in parameter setting and cutting sequences with NC processors, multiple levels of control and user-defined drive methods.

A range of methods for defining precisely controlled toolpaths on complex surfaces is also supported, with effective collision and gouge checking. In mould and die manufacturing the system offers Z-level roughing, semi-finishing, steep and non-steep area milling, uncut material removal, finishing and profiling. NX can control multiple functions with its synchronisation manager, eliminating transit and wait times between separate machines.

Fully-scaleable simulation includes tool path verification, machine tool simulation, simultaneous display of metal removal, VCR style controls, on-screen part program validation (instead of on the machine tool), collision detection and a graphical output display.

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