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High-tech manufacturing software upgrade

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article image Technical design is easy with the NX3 CAD/CAM/CAE PDM software.

FAST expanding Australian Top 200 company Vision Systems has remained with the NX Series of CAD/CAM/CAE PDM software to handle increased growth, speed and accuracy across its three divisions: Invetech, Vision Fire & Security and Vision BioSystems. The NX Series is available from Product Lifecycle Management (Australasia).

More than 85% of Vision Systems’ high technology business originates offshore. The move to upgrade with the newly released NX3 satisfies the expectations of its demanding international client base in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific.

Bound by a worldwide requirement for ISO 9000 Standard in design and manufacture, the Melbourne-based organisation with 700 employees believes the progression from NX2 to NX3 is advantageous as well as seamless.

Mark Dockrill, Manager of Mechanical-CAD within the company's Invetech division, says the sophisticated tool set provides the ease-of-use design edge the company needs to keep winning business.

"A high volume of work comes through this sector of our company, so invariably it is Invetech that drives the business' overall CAD investment,” he said.

"The high performance and speed it provides was critical in our choice, but NX3 also has a massive bank of very good components and is backed through training by our provider, plm.

"NX3 gives our design teams extreme flexibility and a lot of room to design, develop and test/prototype as we are always in total control of how we use the tools and how we our data,” said Mr Dockrill.

"By working closely with clients we capture and analyse their requirements, then use NX3 to build a program of design, evolutionary prototyping, verification testing and field trials which all culminates in customer focused validation.”

The powerful NX3 is very simple to use. It has an upgraded user interface and user workflows, simplified usability, ease of learning and knowledge capture.

Integrated human modelling and integrated CAE tools (NX Nastran) are some of the key developments in NX3, as is the coming together of its predecessor technologies, namely NX2 and I-deas NX.

Ease of learning and flexibility of the onscreen interface means a much-simplified environment with fewer menu options presented and easy-to-read and customisable toolbars. This allows users to easily customise menus and toolbars interactively to obtain all their commonly used commands within easy access.

Another major new feature on NX3 is Design Logic, a new technology that enables customers to quickly and easily capture, reuse and embed knowledge into their designs. Previously this could only be done through complex programming languages.

Design Logic allows designers to capture know-how during the design process in an intuitive fashion that requires no programming and very little additional work. This is due to the new workflows embedded in NX3, specifically designed to manage engineering and design intent.

Microsoft customisation techniques, including 'drag and drop', are fully supported in Unigraphics NX3. For improved workflow, analysis of user workflows has led to the definition of an enhanced user interaction model.

Invetech is a contract product design and development service for Bioautomation FMCG and industrial products that integrates support for clients all the way from the earliest stages of commercial assessment to the delivery of complex and creative engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Vision Fire & Security is a global organisation that provides a continuous flow of intelligent, sophisticated products that significantly improve the safety and security of its customers (such as early warning smoke detection and security technologies).

Vision Biosystems manufactures sophisticated instrument platforms for the cancer detection market, which capture high value consumables income.

Invetech has about 30 users of NX3, Vision Biosystems has six users, and while Vision Fire & Security has two part-timers.

All design, development and prototyping is refined in-house before final technical information is handed over to its client's manufacturing plant for production.

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