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UGS, represented in Australia by Product Lifecycle Management Australasia (PLMA), has announced immediate availability of NX Nastran Version 3, the latest release of the company's software solution for advanced finite element analysis (FEA).

Major enhancements include:

* Hierarchical Distributed Memory Parallel (HDMP) processing - provides users with the ability to solve extremely large scale dynamics simulations in much shorter elapsed times. This is possible through new NX Nastran scalability that allows up to 64 simultaneous CPUs in a cluster configuration versus the previous limit of eight simultaneous processors.

This improved high performance computing scalability is unique to NX Nastran and is particularly valuable to CAE applications in the automotive, aerospace, defense, heavy equipment and shipbuilding industries that require extremely large scale, compute-intensive analysis.

* Complex Eigen Solver Performance - provides up to 40 percent improvement over NX Nastran Version 1 for typical complex dynamics applications, such as brake squeal analysis, rotor dynamics, etc.

NX Nastran Version 3 includes a new advanced nonlinear capability (Solution 601) based on the world-class ADINA non-linear structural analysis solver technology that is now integrated and branded within NX Nastran.

Users will now be able to perform much more advanced nonlinear simulations while continuing to use their standard Nastran input and output file formats and Nastran simulation work processes.

Application areas for this new technology cut across all major industries but are especially relevant to simulation needs in automotive powertrain, off-highway equipment, consumer products, process/rotating equipment, aircraft engines and defence.

* Enhanced CQUADR/CTRIAR Shell Element provides an easier to use finite element that is more versatile than previous versions of this type of membrane element.

Shell Element Thickness Variation control allows for ease of use as a design variable in optimisation.

* MAX/MIN Results Post-Processing - significantly reduces the amount of results data that must be stored during the analysis process and eliminates additional post-processing outside of NX Nastran to determine maximum, minimum or RMS stress results for modal transient simulations.

Desktop-only versions of NX Nastran Version 3 are available for use with the latest releases of NX digital simulation solutions, including NX Scenario, I-deas NX MasterFEM and Femap.

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