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Training model teaches pneumatic control

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PROCON Technology has released a new training model for the Australian market. The Pneumatic Processing Centre is useful in teaching programmable control and its application in industry.

The model, constructed from the German-made fischertechnik, provides a mini-compressor unit which supplies air to small pneumatic solenoids that operate both double and single acting pneumatic cylinders - just as in a 'real-world' factory control system.

A magazine, for three work pieces, supplies parts to a rotary turntable (driven by electric motor) which then moves the part to a work-station which simulates a pressing or stamping operation.

The part is then moved to an exit station and ejected onto a conveyor belt (also driven by electric motor).

Sensors, consisting of either a micro-switch or photo-electric light barrier, are used to detect parts at the various locations on the model.

The Pneumatic Processing Centre can be supplied in either a 24V dc version for connection to a standard industrial control system (e.g. programmable controller) or it can be supplied as a 9V dc version for connection to a low-voltage controller (e.g. micro-computer or micro-controller).

A fully functioning unit with example programs can be supplied with the fischertechnik intelligent interface unit and expansion module which provides 16 digital inputs, eight bi-directional outputs (or 16 digital outputs) and two analogue inputs.

The fischertechnik interface may be programmed in numerous languages.

However, the most popular is the fischertechnik LLWIN software which provides a simple flowchart style language, ideal for control applications, that's easy to learn and easy to understand.

A free working-copy of this software may be downloaded from www.procontechnology.com.au

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