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AVAILABLE in early 2003 will be the new Mobile Robots II kit (77792) from Procon Technology . This kit will construct six wheeled models using the heavy-duty power motors.

An additional mini-motor also allows one model to pick up and deposit objects using a fork lift mechanism. Numerous sensors are provided for touch, light and temperature providing stimulating projects with the help of the new activity booklet. The models are controlled using the LLWIN windows software which allows the models to operate independently of the PC.

As with other kits, Procon Technology will provide the option of purchasing a ‘complete’ kit (77792-2) with 30402 interface, 30407 LLWIN software and 34969 Accu Set (rechargeable battery and charger). Other options will allow the models to be controlled using a micro-controller unit. Finally, program examples in Terrapin Logo can be provided which allows the path of the models to be tracked on the screen and a pen may be added to produce interesting graphics!

Also available soon will be the new Profi Pneumatic II (77791) kit. This kit will allow six different models to be controlled using compressed air. A mini-compressor and air reservoir is included which provides smooth operation of the air cylinders. An activity manual provides useful information about ‘pneumatics’ in a fun way.

Also available soon will be the Super Trucks (77790) kit. With over 720 components this kit allows six heavy-duty trucks with trailers to be constructed. Some trucks may be motorized with up to five motors (one power motor 34965 and four mini-motors 30342) and remotely controlled using the IR Control Set (30344). Procon Technology 03 9830 6288 www.procontechnology.com.au

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