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Thermo Polysonics SX50 doppler flow meter

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THE advanced Polysonics SX50 flow meter uses the patented Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) technology to accurately measure the flow of emulsions and fluids containing particulate.

Available from Procon Instrument Technology , the non-intrusive device offers reliable measurement in multi-phase flow environments.

The patented DFD technology helps eliminate background noise and improve accuracy.

It is specifically designed for operability in multiphase flow environments.

Thermo Electron Polysonics SX50

The Polysonics SX50 is an advanced dedicated doppler flow meter with exceptional performance and simple operation.

Unlike conventional doppler flow meters operating at a single frequency, the Polysonics SX50 uses unique patented Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) technology to transmit two independent ultrasonic signals at different frequencies.

By analysing the returned frequencies, the instrument automatically identifies and minimises noise errors from external sources such as variable frequency drives.

The DFD technique significantly improves the ability of the Polysonics SX50 to operate in what were previously considered marginal applications for doppler flow meters.

In addition, the operation of the instrument is enhanced by an "Expert System" allowing the flow meter to automatically "learn" the application parameters.

As a result, the Polysonics SX50 can be easily commissioned in a fraction of the time necessary to configure competitive ultrasonic flow meters.

Housed in a NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure, the Polysonics SX50 is well suited to most industrial environments.

The high resolution, backlit graphics display provides excellent visibility even in poorly lit conditions.

Outputs include a 12-bit, optically isolated, 4-20mA analogue signal and relay.

The independent programmable relay can be used for functions such as pump control, fault indication, limit switching, sampler activation, power down alarming, or remote totaliser driving.

In addition, a contact closure from a remote pump or other control device is available to eliminate unwanted or erroneous flow volume data when backflow conditions are present.

A powerful 90,000- point data logger with non-volatile memory is also incorporated in the instrument.

This avoids the additional cost of a chart recorder or external data logger for applications where continuous flow recording is required.

HydraScan application software

The flow meter is equipped with an RS232 communication port and can be easily configured using the inclusive HydraScan software package.

HydraScan can also retrieve all saved datalog files from the flow meter.

HydraScan is user-friendly and runs on Windows 98 or higher.

Features include:

* Flexible design

* External, clamp-on sensors

* Powerful, 90,000- point data logger.

Benefits include:

* Accurate within ±1% of velocity full scale

* Installs easily on any size pipe

* Installs without process interruption

* Easy to commission and use.

Applications include:

* Crude oil emulsions

* Slurries

* Sludge

* Effluent monitoring.

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