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Multiple gas digital flow controller

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article image Sierra Smart-Trak controller.

SIERRA Instruments, represented by Procon Instrument Technology , has announced the release of its new Smart-Trak digital mass flow controller (MFC).

Smart-Trak offers end-users and OEM customers an easy-to-use interface, rugged stainless steel construction, and true digital performance - at the price of an analogue flow controller.

The instrument's Dial-A-Gas feature and convenient pilot module interface are used to change gases and other critical parameters in the field.

The Smart-Trak microprocessor is programmed for ten gases that are commonly used in biotech, pharmaceutical, analytical, and research applications. Other gases may also be specified to create a custom instrument.

The Dial-a-Gas function is available via PC or six pushbuttons on the pilot module. Mounted directly on the instrument, or remotely up to 50 feet from the controller, Smart-Trak's pilot module interface replaces expensive control/readout electronics in a small, convenient, and easy-to-use package.

The instrument's small footprint (1" x 3" x 5") permits easy drop-in replacement for any mass flow controller.

For remote monitoring and OEM applications, it provides both digital and analogue control without complex wiring or control electronics. An RS232 output and two user-selectable analog outputs are available from the device.

The Smart-Trak control valve compensates for a wide variety of temperature and pressure variations in the gas stream.

User-selectable operating modes - including closed, normal, and purge modes - are controlled from the pilot module or via a remote signal.

Users can also adjust response characteristics for multiple applications or system pressure design modifications.

The all-stainless steel instrument is available in any range from 0-10 sccm to 0-50 slm and is suitable for any clean gas flow, including toxics and corrosives.

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