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Dongle adapters for USB interfaces

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THE Automation Net communications platform used with the B&R Automation Studio software tool can now be used on non-B&R PCs which do not come equipped with an LPT interface.

Software components in the B&R Automation Net package are able to run without any restrictions and without needing a license. Applications which use the B&R Automation Net interface while running on non-B&R PCs require hardware protection (in the form of a dongle) to ensure unrestricted operation.

This dongle is generally attached to the LPT interface. Newer PCs, however, are more likely outfitted with USB ports instead of the older LPT ports. For this reason, B&R, represented in Australia by Procon Instrument Technology , is offering USB dongle adapters in addition to their LPT dongles. These serve the same function, but can be attached to a USB port instead.

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