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Process Vision introduces new High Speed Camera

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Process Vision has recently invested significant capital in the latest High Speed Camera equipment to provide manufacturers with an alternative to purchasing their own equipment. Manufacturers Australia wide can now incorporate High Speed Camera technology into their process improvement, maintenance and product testing programs without spending many thousands of dollars in capital equipment.
 High Speed Camera technology and techniques used by Process Vision have proven invaluable to customers such as Bosch, Amcor and Visy where downtime and quality faults have been eliminated by studying processes in super slow motion.
High speed cameras use advanced technology to convert light energy into electrical energy using an array of CMOS pixels – much the same as digital video cameras. The significant difference between High Speed Cameras and normal video cameras is the number of pictures that can be taken in a given time.
 Where handheld digital video cameras can take footage at up to 30 images per second, high speed cameras, as used by Process Vision, can take in excess of 5000 images per second. This allows the motion of machinery to be slowed down hundreds of times without loss of clarity and provides an enormous amount of information.
 Process Vision has successfully used it’s high speed cameras to study various types of machinery including: CNC machines, rolling mills, can making machines, filling lines, bag making machines, labellers, etc.

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