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article image Processes up to 5000 fps.

AUSTRALIAN manufacturing service company, Process Vision Pty Ltd , now offers an alternative to spending many thousands of dollars on in-house high speed camera equipment.

In the past, if manufacturers wanted to use high speed camera technology to diagnose faults on their manufacturing equipment, they had no choice - invest thousands on in-house equipment that might sit on the shelf 99% of the time. Not any more!

Process Vision now offers the latest high speed camera equipment to manufacturers and product developers on an as-needed basis.

Armed with the latest colour, high speed camera equipment, Process Vision engineers take footage of manufacturing processes at up to 5000 frames per second.

This footage can then be replayed much more slowly - frame by frame if necessary - to reveal process detail that is too fast for the eye to see.

In conjunction with in-house maintenance staff and engineers, the root cause of most problems can be identified and fixed much more quickly and with more confidence than the traditional trial and error approach.

Process Vision specialises in process analysis and fault finding in the manufacturing industry and has experience using high speed camera technology in most manufacturing sectors including:

* Automotive

* Food

* Pharmaceuticals

* Metals

* FMCG, etc.

Process Vision engineers are available 24hrs, 7 days a week to service the tight deadlines of the manufacturing industry.

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