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article image Steel belt cooler from PSS.

PROCESS Systems Services’ (PSS) business grew from its core product - the steel belt. It has since become a very diverse company offering equipment to the food, chemical, paper, wood panels and other industries.

The Process Systems’ steel belt is a continuous band of either high carbon steel or stainless steel that has been specially treated after rolling to produce the flatness and straightness required for the band to operate as a conveyor belt. A solid steel belt should not be confused with slat belts, link belts or woven wire mesh belts.

Applications for the steel belt are many and varied but usually involve either heat transfer or wear-resistance. For example, the stainless steel belt’s hygiene qualities are ideal for the food industry.

A steel belt conveyor can be used in bake ovens, dryers, coolers, reactors or even as a continuous contact freezer.

A steel belt cooler uses the heat transfer characteristics of the steel and the cooling water is sprayed onto the under-surface of the belt while the product to be cooled is transported along on the upper surface.

This process is used for solidification of waxes, resin, hot-melts and a range of other chemicals. At even lower temperatures the same system can be used for the freezing of fish fillets or meat patties.

Steel belts are offered in a range of sizes and thicknesses from as narrow as 200mm up to 3,000mm or more for special applications and from 0.4mm thick to 3mm for the heavier belts.

In addition to the supply of the steel belt itself, Process Systems Services offers the entire range of special process equipment incorporating the steel belt.

PSS manufacture coolers, ovens, dryers etc, and offer a full after sales service for the care and maintenance of steel belts.

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