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How to choose solenoid tank valves

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Choosing a solenoid valve for tank drain applications can be difficult as the options can be overwhelming.

Specialist valve manufacturer Process Systems advises buyers to look for a zero differential solenoid valve. This valve will work under zero head pressure, allowing the tank to be drained to the very bottom as opposed to a differential solenoid valve that requires a minimum differential to operate. The zero differential solenoid valves can be direct acting (smaller sizes, say up to 3/8″) or coupled diaphragm (larger sizes, from ½″ to 2″).

Process Systems’ ES55 series is a typical solenoid valve used for zero or low head applications in water or non-aggressive media. Using a zero differential valve such as the B55 series in diesel farms offers the added benefit of being used on the suction side of a pump.

It is important, however to make sure that the media in all applications is free from suspended solids that could get caught in the diaphragm or wedged under the seat. This is especially true for domestic rainwater tanks where leaves and other organic media can build up.

Process Systems specialises in the supply of solenoid valves, actuated ball valves and butterfly valves for air, vacuum, fluid, chemical and steam applications.

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