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article image Diaphragm valves are 100% leak proof.

PROCESS Pumps Australia Pty Ltd has a complete range of diaphragm valves suitable for the industrial valve and valve spare parts buying industry, such as the Valam industrial diaphragm valves.

These are applicable to a wide range of uses including, but not limited, to the slurry handling industry, chemical, food and sanitary and abrasive media applications. They can be provided with a range of accessories including pneumatic or servo motor opening, closing and positioning operation options.

Valam industrial diaphragm valves are 100% leak proof and particularly good on abrasive media (liquid slurry) duties and applications.

Valam offers both weir and straight through diaphragm valve styles with a very wide range of materials of construction options, linings (for example, soft and hard rubber) and coatings (for example, Tefzel (ETFE) for chemical service).

Special options include glass lining, neoprene lining, PVDF lining, as well as a huge range of diaphragm materials like Q Natural, 325 EPDM, 237 Hypalon, 226 Viton, C Nitrile, B Butyl, HT Neoprene and a variety of one-piece durable rubber-bonded-to-teflon and teflon faced diaphragms for various neat chemical services.

A variety of body materials is available such as aluminium, cast iron, bronze, cast stainless steel, HSB (High Impact Stirene Butadiene Plastic), Ebonite (Hard Rubber Lined), Rilsan coated cast iron.

The diaphragm and valve body materials are chosen or specified to suit the application, with careful selection taken by Process Pumps’ competent staff.

The Valam diaphragm valves are fully interchangeable with existing Saunders diaphragm valves (both complete valves and spare parts).

Valam offers long life reinforced diaphragm construction methods, with stocks held in Australia.

Valam also manufacture a range of Sanitary diaphragm valves, which is available from 15mm to 50mm port sizes, with stainless steel polished bodies to certain carefully controlled Ra specifications, with sampling point take-offs on the ‘T’ valve version, standard with white Rilsan coated bonnet assembly, white plastic handwheel, EPDM diaphragms, and SS bolts and nuts.

Polishing specifications for Sanitary include - without surface defects, polished with 320 Grit. And Ra max of 0.50μ.

Mirror features include - without surface defects, polished with 400 Grit. and Ra max of 0.25μ.

Valam make a complete range of check valves and hydrant valves (fire).

With Valam diaphragm valves, it is possible to replace diaphragms without dis-assembly of the valve from the piping system.

Valam diaphragm valves can handle system pressures from 3.5 Bar to 10 Bar and sizes range from 1/2" to 12" NB sizes.

Smaller sizes come with flanges or screwed fittings. Teflon diaphragms and spare rubber diaphragms are fit to existing Saunders valves.

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