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Pneumatically powered glue pump

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article image The pump is electronically adjusted.

TIMMER Pneumatik GmbH specialises in developing and producing pneumatically powered long-life glue pumps used in integration with patch-labelling machines on bottling lines found in breweries, beverage and food companies. They are available locally from Process Pumps(Australia) Pty Ltd.

These pumps are designed to be nearly maintenance-free and have a temperature control system and heater, which adjusts itself to the heating up of the 'hot-melt' glue, when necessary, for the labelling operation on certain models.

In addition, these pumps offer a very simple programming of the set temperature.

In cooperation with big labelling machine manufacturers and users of glue pumps such as well-known breweries and beverage companies, Timmer has managed to develop a pump that is today used worldwide with great success.

According to Timmer nearly all companies and users who have once tested the Timmer pneumatic glue pump do not want to use any other pump in the future.

More than 5000 Timmer pumps are now used by well-known companies like Heineken, Carlsberg, Allied Distillers, Bacardi, Guiness, Ballantines, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Goodman Fielder, Cadbury Schweppes, and many more.

The pump is 'self-supporting' once powered and supplied with compressed air, the PD02-H102 with integrated heater, programmable up to +90°C, and can be used with any type of labelling machine.

It is well priced, small and compact in design, with integrated heating (on model PD02-H102).

The modern design includes hermetical separation of pumped liquid and pneumatic parts, with the piston driven by external piston rods (making no piston rod sealing necessary, being therefore extremely wear resistant), the liquid or wetted part is made from 100% stainless steel.

In operation the pump delivers very low liquid pulsations, operates with low noise levels and has integrated temperature limit switch in the glue element.

Integrated pneumatic controls allow the pumps' stroke rate and glue quantity to be adjustable and there is no need for regular pump cleaning when kept immersed.

Electrical connection is suitable for single phase Australian power supply. The system’s quick and careful heating up of the medium (glue) includes heating (0-1400W) automatically regulated and very small temperature leaps.

It is electronically adjusted, thus saving glue consumption up to 30% of glue volume.

Timmer glue pump has been well received and used in the relevant local market since its release in Australia last year.

The heating control is adjusted to the different glue types of the various glue manufacturers. The heating is adjusted automatically to the quantity, viscosity and temperature of the glue.

A model type PD02-0102 is also available without the heater if the client wishes.

A wide range of accessories are available to mount the pump into a container, including air-lines, regulators and mounting clamp rings and drum covers.

This extremely durable complete glue pump system is now available from Process Pumps (Australia) Pty Ltd.

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