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‘One-Nut’ diaphragm pumps

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article image Solid bodied, compact and hygienic pump.

FLOTRONIC Pumps Ltd’s diaphragm pump offers unique construction design (one nut to change diaphragms), 15 minute diaphragm change-out maintenance 'turn-around' and a wide range of styles, sizes and materials of construction options. Flotronic pumps are available locally from Process Pumps (Australia) Pty Ltd.

These pumps are suited to all industry sectors, particularly to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, toiletry and chemical industries.

The pumps come with a variety of features suitable across many industries and applications, including - a very long-life PTFE diaphragms as standard (bonded one-piece 24/7 rated duty cycle plus 35M cycles before the test machine needs to be used for anything else) and a very short stroke-length.

Thrust tube and stroke length are designed specifically for PTFE diaphragms (15mm stroke length vs 50mm on conventional 'figure-of-eight' AODD pumps. This means far less mechanical stress on the long-life PTFE diaphragms.

Pump construction materials are available in sizes 1/2" to 4", 316/304 stainless steel, diaphragm pumps in Hastelloy-C, aluminium, Polypropylene, Kynar (PVDF) and fully PTFE lined pumps for harsh chemical service (K Series).

Diaphragms can be replaced without disturbing the location of the suction and discharge pipework. Fluid passes through the centre of the pump and air pressure and air flow is applied to the outside of the diaphragms (the reverse to conventional 'figure-of-eight' competitive pumps).

In the UK the pump designers have received many prestigious hygienic awards for the design of their ‘Slim’ range of fully CNC machined solid bodied, compact and hygienic range of pumps.

Flotronic AODD pumps are also suitable for use on pumping inks, paints, resins, adhesives, foods and chemicals. They have a specialist range of large solids handling food pumps (for example, the Good Food Pump), pumps for use on foods with whole solids present, such as fruit jams/slurries, sauces, pie fillings, food relishes, chocolates, fruit purees and orange/fruit juices.

The Flotronic Pumps Ltd 'one-nut' range offers performance capacities to 900 lpm, pressures to 7 Bar, temperatures to 121°C (for short bursts/CIP).

Process Pumps Australia Pty Ltd offers a complete selection, price/quote and repair service for these great 'one nut' AODD pumps. They have been selling air-powered (or air-operated), double diaphragm pumps (AODD pumps) to industry for 25 years.

Diaphragm pumps are one of Process Pumps’ main products sold over the years. A few years ago, a client of the company was looking for a pump called ‘One-Nut’, a specialised AODD pump for pumping the chemical TDI (Toluene Di-IsoCyanate), often used in the foam-making industry. This prompted Process Pumps to seek out the Flotronic Pumps Ltd company in Bolney, West Sussex, UK - the maker of the 'One-Nut' AODD pump.

As the relationship progressed further, Process Pumps were appointed exclusive Australian Distributor and importer for the Flotronic 'One-Nut' AODD pump in mid-2004.

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