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article image Can be coated in a variety of linings.

PROCESS Pumps Australia Pty Ltd offers a full and comprehensive range of fluid mixers, agitators, blenders and dispersion mixers under licensed agreement with Perth based company Mixtec Philadelphia Australia Pty Ltd.

Applications for mixing equipment are wide and varied, from the booming water and waste treatment industries, to the industries of food, wine making, mining, paint making, confectionary, pharmaceutical manufacturing, petrochemical, brewing, BioX, chemical, fertiliser, pulp and paper, refining, sugar, general and industrial sectors among others.

All Process Pumps Australia Pty Ltd personnel are fully trained and proficient in the use of the Mixtec-Philadelphia computerised mixer selection program named Mixercal (XL/’AutoCAD Light’ based), which is used to optimise mixer selection from both a mechanical and process point of view.

Process Pumps Australia Pty Ltd designs and builds rotating shaft propelled impeller mixings, from portable to fixed top-side, or bottom entry impeller shaft rotation mechanical drive mechanisms.

Impeller styles vary from simple Hydrofoil (high efficiency) 3-bladed higher speed propeller mixing elements to pitched blade turbines (30°, 45°, 90° blade angles), anchor mixers, through to helical ribbons, spiral screws, non-clogging impellers for sewage and high solids applications, both high and low shear, high and low 'flow' (capacity) mixing impeller elements (sometimes using a number of different impeller styles on the one or multiple shafts).

The company also makes high-shear top-entry dispersion mixers and batch-style emulsifiers (emulsors) in-house.

Agitators (mixers) are available with numerous types of electric, air or hydraulic drives, with a special emphasis placed on custom built equipment.

Construction materials are usually from 316 S/S but can also be from bronze, mild-steel or coated in a variety of linings and coatings. including but not limited to, rubber and teflon or ETFE.

Spark-testing is provided when requested on the continuity of PTFE ETFE coverings and coatings on the outside surfaces of impeller shaft and impeller mixing blade components, if requested.

Mixers and agitators can be provided with seal glands or mechanical seals where needed or required.

Square and round mounting plates or cast or fabricated mounting stools can be provided when particularly long shafts require the axial and radial forces to be correctly 'spread' through the mounting structure of the mixer supporting structure. The mounting stools also make installation of long shafts easier.

Process Pumps Australia Pty Ltd have supplied some large contacts with mixing equipment and shaft lengths up to 14m long (and impeller blades up to 4000mm diameter). Mixtec also has the capability to provide much larger impellers.

Mixtec support Process Pumps Australia Pty Ltd in the process selection and design of a full range of static in-line mixing equipment, which are fitted directly into a customer's process pipelines between threaded ends or flanges.

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