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article image Performance capacity to 3.75 lps.

PROCESS Pumps Australia handles the LUTZ range of drum and container pumps suited to corrosive chemical transfer applications for various chemical container decanting and filling operations, as well as pumps which double as mixers, and drum pumps with physiologically safe construction materials for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Lutz drum pumps have performance capacity to 3.75 lps, heads to 80m, temperature to 140°C, and are suitable for all chemicals and also liquids including high viscosity media. Motors and pump tubes (or spears) are quick fit couplings to the motors in most cases.

Motors and pump tubes (spears) of different types, styles and materials are readily interchangeable, with various models of air-powered, electric (240V and 415V) and Australian Test Safe Approved flameproof 230V electric motors are also available for designated hazardous environments, as well as a variable speed 230V electric motor option in the TEFC range of motors.

Pump tube materials of construction can be polypropylene (PP), Kynar (PVDF), aluminium or stainless steel (316), with certain models being constructed from physiologically safe version (PU) materials of construction such as 316 S/S and ETFE, pure carbon bearings, and grade 1.4571 stainless steel pumps.

Lutz offers a large selection range of both centrifugal and positive displacement styles of pumps. They are a quality robust pump and motor design, with the motors being made in Sweden generally, and the pump ends being generally made in Germany.

Special pump tubes (stems or spears) are available in Hastelloy C, with options on impeller styles (R = High Flow / Low Head), (L = High Head / Lower Flow), with the centrifugal impellers generally in ETFE these days, some are from polypropylene.

he B70V & B70V-SR range of Lutz helical rotor drum & container pumps are available in a wide range of sizes and materials including 1.4571 Stainless Steel with either packed gland or mechanical seal options depending on the application to hand, and including stator materials (the helical stator) from materials NBR light, Viton or PTFE.

Universal joint or torsion shaft drive train joint systems are available depending on the torque requirements of the application.

Lutz also manufactures a wide range of chemical service flow meters, and drum-pumping and chemical handling accessories, and add-on equipment, including but not limited to chemical service flow meters, nozzles, hoses, hose fittings, fume-control / emission control systems (from drum-bung holes when pump in bung hole), a wide range of vertical column pumps.

LUTZ also manufactures metering pumps (Lutz-Jesco), magnetic drive pumps, and pneumatic powered double diaphragm pumps.

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