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Process Plant Network guides vendors to leverage consumer demands

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With consumers opting for fast and convenient ways to prepare meals and supermarkets moving to meet these demands with more and more packaged produce, many producers are being forced out of their comfort zone to meet these new demands.

According to Giles Dommisse, Director of Process Plant Network, Australia’s leading supplier of new and used process and packaging machinery, it is not enough in today’s market to produce fine fruits and vegetables and deliver in bulk to your customers.

“Supermarkets and retailers generally are anxious to reduce consumer handling of fresh foods at the point of sale and the damage and wastage this handling produces. As a result there is a strong move to packaged goods in the field of fresh produce,” he said.

Consumers, it appears, also want to take an easier way when preparing fruit and vegetables. They now require produce that is washed, diced, sliced, peeled and in many other forms of preparation of their choice and to have these attractively packed in sealed convenient bags.

For the supermarket operators, these packs are just the answer, allowing quick and easy consumer choice with a dramatic reduction in waste.

Fruit and vegetable producers are today calling on experts such as Giles’s family company, to guide and direct them in areas where they have often not previously ventured nor had the need to venture before.

With more than 2,500 items of machinery on the floor at any one time, Process Plant Network has what can be regarded as the broad range of new and used machinery available in Australia.

The company is in an ideal position of being able to offer sound economic solutions to meet all budgets by offering all new machinery lines; a mixture of new and used hybrid lines; all used machine lines; or perhaps a one off machine to re-engineer, re-configure or complete a production line.

With the senior management travelling the world, buying and selling both new and used equipment in some of the leading food processing operations, the company is well placed to observe new in world trends.

It has the engineering and operational expertise to provide growers and processing plants with sound advice on the options available in a broad range of packaging and processing decisions.

With full engineering backup and expertise within the company, there is a depth of understanding on what is required to meet a variety of differing applications in produce, handling, filling etc.

New and used machinery lines are generally assembled within Process Plant Network plant and run prior to commissioning in the client’s premises to trial the actual process and minimise costly down time after installation.

Servicing such a broad variety of processors, producers and packaging specialists brings Process Plant into contact with specialist and boutique packaging experts and designers throughout the world. “The benefit of this for our customers is that we can often advise and suggest from an expert view point, and guide our clients in the right direction to overcome a problem,” Giles commented.

“There are often situations where we can trade existing machinery for new and used lines thereby reducing the capital outlay. With markets constantly changing and evolving, this presents a viable economical option for producers. Our engineering and design teams also play an important role in providing the best solution for any given challenge,” he said.

The company offers some outstanding brands of machinery including IOPAK (cookers, blenders, scales, fillers, packaging etc), NEWMA & GNA PACKAGING (VVFFS & HFFS packaging systems, plus NAKAYA onion and garlic processing machinery.

Packaging challenges are never ending for this innovative and progressive Australian company. Whether it is wrapped or packed in trays, cut to length or presented in a unique way, there is always a solution close to hand.

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