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New and used equipments available from Process Plant Network

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Melbourne based Process Plant Network is a company on the move in the food processing and packaging industry within Australasia.

Based in Victoria’s industrial heartland of Dandenong, Process Plant Network is providing a valuable service to industry with sales of new and fully serviced modern used capital equipment to meet an ever increasing client base at prices drastically reducing capital outlays.

From amazing array of more than 2,500 plant and equipment on hand at any one time in a 4,000 square metre warehouse, clients’ needs are met with compatible equipment components selected by highly skilled sales personnel.

Used plant is generally fully serviced before delivery and complete production lines can be set up, demonstrated and tested with the clients own packaging to ensure complete satisfaction prior to commissioning.

Quality and safety issues are paramount for the company which was the first in its field of used equipment for the food and processing industry, to achieve ISO 9001: 2000 quality status.

Through an extensive network of contacts, machinery is purchased on site within plants worldwide and shipped to Australia.

Once landed it is full assessed by skilled engineering personnel to meet this country’s high compliance standards and only then offered to the market at prices that can be as low as 20% to 50% of the equivalent new price.

Plant can be offered as is, with an OH & S assessment, set and tested with the clients own packaging or fully serviced for compliance and long term reliability.

Examples quoted by PPN’s Sales Director Giles Dommisse included a second- hand Chuo machine from a Japanese plant that was virtually new. After landing and servicing, it was set up and fully tested prior to delivery.

This machine is now installed in a Christchurch dairy company filling milk into one litre pouch packs that are set to revolutionise the milk market in New Zealand.

This machine forms a pouch from a film roll, sealing the sides, bottom and finally the top with triple cam driven jaws that ensure there are no ‘leakers’. At a capital cost of approximately 20% of the cost of a new machine, it is little wonder that the client company can enter a new market on a competitive basis.

A second-hand General Packer pouch packaging (stand-up Doy Pack) machine used to pack a 750mL Baby Bottle Cleaner liquid was so economically priced that is has allowed a local company to enter the competitive market in China resulting in valuable export sales for

Australia. Comprehensive early trials were conducted to overcome foaming problems during filling at production speeds to ensure complete client satisfaction.

As a result of PPN sourcing a second-hand German made ‘Stephan’ 300 litre cutter/mixer from the Philippines and upgrading this to virtually new specifications, it has allowed a leading dip manufacturer to increase production six fold, significantly reducing production times and costs.

According to Giles, there are many more examples where capital costs have been slashed with prudent investment in quality new and used equipment under the guidance of the highly skilled PPN technical team.

“We can build a line to meet customers’ requirements using compatible components with a mixture of new and used plant, saving considerable costs along the way,” he said.

Process Plant Network will shortly introduce a series of new filling machines including integrated solutions from a leading global manufacturer using new motion controls via servo drives with models suitable for liquid, powder, granular and snacks, thus adding a new dimension to the range of equipment offered to clients.

“With the depth of industry knowledge within our team and our international contacts, we are able to offer plant and equipment to industry at prices that allow clients to enter markets competitively that were previously considered beyond reach,” said Giles.

Major factories know that Process Plant Network have the ability to clear complete production lines no longer required and place these in the market thus ensuring a rapid return on their initial capital outlay.

“By making new and used equipment available at world competitive prices we are making industry more competitive in demanding markets,” said Giles.

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