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Low cost ‘Flexidoy’ machine opens up new market opportunities

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article image Is completely wash down safe and hygienic.

At last there is a Doy Pouch sealing machine available that will open up new opportunities for packers in Australia, providing flexibility and quick changeovers at a pricing level that will astound the most astute buyers and place a smile on the face of the dourest accountant.

Linapack Flexidoy Doy Pouch seal machine for pre-made pouches has been introduced by Melbourne-based Process Plant Network , is designed in Europe and manufactured in Thailand to the highest engineering standards.

“This combination provides not only the latest technological advantages and design features from Europe but also a capital outlay for the industry at almost 1/3rd of previous investment dollars,” said PPN’s Marketing Director, Giles Dommisse.

The Linapack Flexidoy seals up to 40 pouches per minute, depending on the pouch and product, and is highly adaptable to a multitude of products.

Modular in construction, the machine is designed for simplicity and ease of use for the operator.

Constructed of stainless steel with IP-65 rating, it has the advantage of being completely wash down safe and hygienic with no oil or grease required on outside parts.

Every consideration is given to Occupational Health and Safety regulations and is safe for operators with full guarding and user-friendly settings via a touch screen, allowing adjustments to be simply made while the machine is in production.

The Doy pouches are automatically loaded from a magazine and opened hygienically with a sterile air blast. A unique loading system provides for increased reliability over existing pouch sealing systems for both dry and liquid filling.

Up to six filling stations are available with dosing systems for any type of product. To eliminate any pouch leaking, triple sealing technology is incorporated with two heat seals and one cold seal.

Introducing the new machine, Giles commented that due to the simplicity of the design, maintenance was no longer a factor. Common world-leading brand off-the-shelf components have been used to ensure ready availability to minimise any downtime.

Safety features incorporated include guards; sensors to check pouch opening and filling; alarms for low air pressure; low pouch or product supply; temperature settings and motor trip.

Launched by Process Plant Network with their American market agents at the major USA Pack Expo in Las Vegas, the company reported high initial sales and the highest levels of interest from large, medium and small contract packers looking for simplicity in production and substantial savings in capital outlay.

Linapack is just being released on the Australian market and already the interest levels are high following the American market success, according to Giles Dommisse.

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