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Teledata Remote Wireless Data Monitoring system

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article image Data can be collected at scheduled time intervals.

SIMPSON Electric, represented in Australia by ProDigital , has introduced the newest additions to their product line, the Teledata Remote Wireless Data Monitoring system and the Hawk 3 Series Digital Panel Meter.

The SE 9000 Teledata system was developed to eliminate man-hours needed to maintain remote equipment. The system remotely collects and wirelessly transmits both analogue and digital data from sensors on generators, compressors and other equipment.

As data is collected it is transmitted to the company’s secure Data2-u website using mobile, satellite, or existing modem technology. Data can be collected at scheduled time intervals, during alarm conditions and periodically on demand.

The data can be used to develop preventive maintenance programs, reduce man-hours by sending staff to maintain equipment only when needed and increase mean time between failures. The product is suitable for use in areas such as beverage carbonation, vendor managed inventory, equipment monitoring and inventory logistics.

The New Simpson Hawk 3 series digital panel meters were designed to meet a wide variety of applications. The meters are available to measure ac and dc voltage and current, process signals or resistance.

All Hawk 3 meters are easily configurable and scalable through the front access panel and if the meter is ordered with relays (1, 2, or 4 are available as an option) the unit can be used as a controller with up to four independent set points.

Features of the Hawk 3 meters include:

* All parameters set from easy to understand front panel access

* Optional one, two or four 5A relays

* Seven segment 4-1/2 or 3-1/2 red LED with five brightness display levels

* Activated set point indicators on displa

* Easy to understand programming menu

* 16 point scaling linearisation

* Screw terminals for easy installation

* 1/8 DIN shallow depth case (only 3.24" behind panel)

* Peak/Valley and password lockout

* NEMA 4X rated front panel.

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