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Each Prodigital   DC electronic load can operate in constant current, constant voltage, and constant power mode, is equipped with accurate read back voltage, current and watt meters, and is provided with a standard RS232 interface. Optional interfaces available include GPIB, USB and LAN cards, thus making the Prodigit 33XXF Series very flexible in application. Manually setting values is achieved by means of a rotary control and push button to set testing parameters. Large LCD displays facilitate manual setting procedures.

Features of the Prodigital DCelectronic load:

  • Mainframes of the DC electronic load are capable of housing one, two or four load modules
  • DC electronic loads can be individually selected from a range including 60V-30A-150 W; 60V-60A-300W; 250V-12A-300W; 500V-12A-300W and 60V-15A-75W options
  • Load modules have the ability to store and recall 150 testing protocols including ON/OFF voltage , GO/NO GO meter checks, etc
  • Individual load modules can be synched to permit multi-DUT testing requirements
An important feature of the Prodigit 33XXF Series DC electronic load is the slew rate capability of individual load modules. For example, the 3310F-150 watt module has current slew rates variable from 2.0 to 1250 milliamp/second. In addition arbitrary waveforms can be used for programming load sinking profiles with dynamic testing times variable between 50 microseconds to 9.999 seconds.

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