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New desktop automated Flash Media Content Programming Solution from ProDigital

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Data I/O Corporation has expanded its solutions for the flash media market  with a new desktop automated Flash Media Content Programming Solution, which is available from ProDigital .

“While we have been enabling OEM’s intellectual property in programmable ICs for many years,” said Bruce Rodgers, VP of marketing and business development.

"Flash cards are more than a different form factor and represent a significant growth application. Driven by customer demand, the Flash Media Duplication solution is an important platform extension.

“While removable media is often thought of as an external storage medium, increasingly we find OEM’s pre-loading content and booting from these devices.”

Data I/O’s Flash Media Duplication Solution (FLX-FMD) supports all SD and MMC card formats. The FLX-FMD delivers cost reduction, improved quality, intellectual property protection, and production control through automation and production integration not attainable with existing manual card duplication products.

The FLX-FMD can program up to 750 flash cards per hour at 8.5 MB/sec write speed.

According to Kennan Yilmaz, business development manager at Data I/O Corporation, flash media applications are an emerging and rapidly growing field.

Flash media are the choice of content delivery for portable and mobile applications. Because of price, flash media have been mostly limited to OEM applications.

As card manufacturers further reduce the price of flash cards, the market will see more flash card applications in the publishing, medical, movie and music industries, areas where content delivery is currently dominated by optical media.

The rapid acceptance of removable flash media is well underway, and Data I/O offer affordable automated systems supporting these devices.

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