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New USB-powered controller available from ProDigital

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article image JT 3705 / USB Explorer

JTAG Technologies, a leading provider of IEEE Std. 1149.x based solutions for testing and in-system programming of PCBs, has announced a USB version of its low-cost JT 3705 Explorer.

The original parallel port Explorer was a commercially-available boundary-scan controller. Over the years, its reputation has been firmly established as an inexpensive and dependable tool for basic scan applications.

The new USB-powered controller continues to deliver low cost and high reliability, meeting the requirements of design engineers, small-to-medium size enterprises, and low-volume contract electronic manufacturers.

The JT 3705 / USB Explorer provides two fully-compliant boundary-scan Test Access Ports (TAPs).

The TAPs can be synchronized for test purposes and are suitable for running a complete battery of board tests including IEEE 1149.1, 1149.4, and 1149.6 as well as PLD programming and low-volume flash programming.

Test clock frequency is programmable up to 6 MHz allowing rapid test execution while TAP voltages can be set for a wide range of input and output characteristics.

The JT 3705 / USB Explorer is powered from the USB interface for portability and use with the burgeoning laptop population.

Furthermore, the JT 3705 / USB Explorer is compatible with all JTAG Technologies' development tools such as JTAG ProVisionTM and production packages such as the Stand-alone package (PSA) and Production Integration Packages for LabVIEW, LabWindows, TestStand as well as C/C++ and Visual Basic.

The JT 3705 / USB Explorer is available from ProDigital.

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