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Data I/O and Matthew Associates Feature FlashPAK III and ProLine RoadRunner at SMT Nutmeg Expo & Tech Forum

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Data I/O Corporation joined up with Matthew Associates to showcase its FlashPAK III and ProLINE-RoadRunner at the table-top SMT Nutmeg Expo & Tech Forum held in Connecticut in late 2010.    

Data I/O is a leading provider of manual and automated device programming software and programming tools.    

FlashPAK III Networked Programming System    

FlashPAK III is the 3rd generation programming architecture specifically designed to support the latest high-density Flash memory, NAND Flash, Managed NAND Flash, microcontroller and EEPROM devices at maximum programming speeds, keeping production processes running at maximum velocity.  

Key features: 

  • Extensive library of FlashPAK support for Flash, NAND and microcontrollers
  • Efficiently programs all types of managed NAND devices like MoviNAND, iNAND and eMMC as well as devices of any size
  • Capable of reading and writing to devices at speeds greater than 10 MBytes/second
  • Designed to give high production throughput
  • Improved job download speed enables fast job changeovers
  • Field configurable FPGA can be optimised for any device
  • Standalone system, ideal for first article builds and NPI applications
  • Programming tasks can be easily transferred to Data I/O's automated FlashCORE programming systems without altering the programming itself during higher volume production


ProLINE-RoadRunner is a high speed automated inline programming feeder that mounts directly onto an SMT machine without consuming any additional floor space or altering the production line.  

Key features: 

  • Removes unprogrammed Flash Memory devices from tape, programs four devices in parallel, and then delivers the programmed parts to the pick-up point of the placement machine
  • Just-In-Time inline programming system
  • Features FlashCORE III, a high-speed flash programming architecture
  • Dramatic reduction in inventory carrying and rework costs, as well as rapid ROI in a few months
  • Can be operated locally and through a network interface
  • Design changes can be made as needed and downloaded directly to the RoadRunner’s own IP address
  • Provides PC card support for data and job transfer on Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, and Windows XP
  • Built-in diagnostics and job statistics are written to the RoadRunner’s PC card and statistics are saved back to TaskLink allowing the user to analyse production yields and throughput

FlashPAK III and ProLine RoadRunner are available from ProDigital .

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