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ProDetec installs GD1 tuneable laser diode H2S toxic detectors in FPSO upgrade
12.12.2014 - ProDetec delivered twenty Simtronics GD1 tuneable laser diode Open Path H2S toxic detectors for an FPSO upgrade project in New Zealand.
ProDetec and GMI release new personal multi-gas surveyor range
18.11.2014 - ProDetec has partnered with Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd (GMI) to introduce a new line of multi-gas detectors.
Fire protection solutions for the cereal manufacturing industry
02.10.2014 - Flame detection and extinguishing systems from ProDetec can help the cereal production industry minimise the incidence of fire-related problems.
Fire protection solutions for baked industrial products
11.09.2014 - Fire protection specialist ProDetec provides customised solutions to suit the needs of various applications.
ProDetec releases wireless version of multi-gas monitoring system
16.06.2014 - ProDetec has released its Oldham BM25 multi-gas monitoring system in a wireless version.
Understanding fire safety in the timber manufacturing industry
30.05.2014 - Technology investments in the wood panel industry are aimed at raising process automation and increasing production capacity.
Simtronics GD1 open path toxic laser gas detector now with a stronger signal
02.05.2014 - ProDetec announces the latest enhanced version of the Simtronics GD1 laser open-path gas detector featuring a stronger signal.
GD10 Infrared combustible and carbon dioxide gas detectors are now HART 7 compliant
29.11.2013 - The Simtronics GD10 series gas detectors are used in very large numbers in offshore oil and gas platforms across Australia and New Zealand.
Fire protection on timber and sawmills; halting the risk of dust explosions
15.10.2013 - ProDetec presents the Firefly range of fire protection solutions for the woodworking and timber industry.
New flame detectors for accurate detection of hydrocarbon fires
10.07.2013 - ProDetec introduces the new Simtronics MultiFlame DF-TV7 series flame detectors that are highly sensitive to fire and especially ideal for use in dirty environments.
Groveley self compensating duct probe from ProDetec
29.10.2012 - Available from ProDetec, the Groveley self compensating duct probe (SCDP) is designed to allow simple and trouble-free representative sampling of duct environments.
MGD gas detectors from ProDetec
22.10.2012 - ProDetec introduces the MGD fire detectors from Firefly, a world-leading supplier of fire and explosion protection systems for process industries.
Simrad IR gas detectors from ProDetec for catalytic gas detection
18.09.2012 - Catalytic type combustible gas sensors designed for catalytic gas detection generally offer reliable gas detection and have been in use for a long time.
Non-refillable gas cylinders from ProDetec
03.09.2012 - Non-refillable gas cylinders by Scientific and Technical Gases (STG) are now available from ProDetec.
Simrad GD10P IR point gas detectors from ProDetec
16.08.2012 - ProDetec presents the Simrad GD10P combustible gas detectors from Simtronics Fire & Gas.
GasBadge Pro dockable single gas monitors from ProDetec
15.08.2012 - ProDetec presents the GasBadge Pro, a new range of single gas monitors from Industrial Scientific designed to deliver high quality and reliability standards.
Simtronics GD1 laser open path gas detectors from ProDetec for H2S / CO2 and CH4 (SIL2)
18.06.2012 - Now available from ProDetec, Simtronics GD1 laser open path gas detectors are designed for use in a wide variety of industrial environments to reliably detect gas hazards.
ProDetec supplies Simtronics DM-TV6-V multi spectrum flame detectors
26.03.2012 - Manufactured by Simtronics and available from ProDetec, DM-TV6-V flame detectors are designed to respond to unwanted hydrocarbon fires, while maintaining solid false alarm immunity.
MX 32 gas monitors available from ProDetec
21.02.2012 - Available from ProDetec, the OLDHAM MX 32 gas monitors are a range of measurement and alarm systems designed for the protection of equipment as well as personnel through effective detection of flammab
P0 fire control panels from ProDetec
17.02.2012 - ProDetec presents the P0 switch cabinets, a range of fire detection and automatic fire extinction control panels specially designed for the protection of industrial risks.
5 joule xenon beacons from ProDetec
15.02.2012 - ProDetec presents a range of certified beacons designed for use in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres as well as harsh environmental conditions.
STG’s disposable cylinders available from ProDetec for calibration gas mixtures
09.02.2012 - ProDetec can supply custom made high precision gravimetric calibration gas mixtures and high purity gases in a range of modern, compact and lightweight cylinders.
PDP explosion detectors from ProDetec
02.02.2012 - PDP explosion detectors available from ProDetec are mainly used as part of flash explosion suppression systems.
StuvEx chemical barrier from ProDetec
31.01.2012 - The StuvEx chemical barrier from ProDetec consists of the explosion detector and the extinguishing agent bottle (EAB) with all required equipment integrated into these two components.
Industrial Scientific’s M40 multi gas monitors available from ProDetec
25.01.2012 - ProDetec offers a versatile range of multi gas monitors from Industrial Scientific.
GasBadge Plus personal single gas monitors from ProDetec
24.01.2012 - Available from ProDetec, GasBadge Plus is a range of personal single gas monitors designed to provide protection against unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide o
GDU Incus Ulstrasonic Gas Leak Detector from ProDetec
23.08.2011 - ProDetec expands their range of fire and gas detections with the GDU Incus IECEx Exd Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector.
GD-RD001 Optional Local Display available from ProDetec
02.08.2011 - ProDetec presents the GD-RD001 Optional Local Displays – flameproof gas detectors designed for gas detectors without a local display, temperature sensors and pressure switches for situational updates.
GD10P IR point gas detectors from ProDetec for offshore installations
01.08.2011 - ProDetec offers the Simrad GD10P gas detectors designed for combustible gas detection on offshore installations.
Simrad GD10PM combustible gas detectors from ProDetec for the mining industry
29.07.2011 - ProDetec offers a specialised range of combustible gas detectors designed for offshore installations and the mining industry.
Simtronics multi spectrum infrared flame detectors available from ProDetec
26.07.2011 - Simtronics DM-TV6-T is a multi spectrum infrared flame detectors are designed to respond to unwanted hydrocarbon fires, whilst still maintaining a high degree of false alarm immunity.
Firefly hot body detectors from ProDetec
01.06.2011 - Firefly hot body detectors from ProDetec indicate hot particles, sparks and flames in a process where the material is moving such as in pneumatic conveying ducts or chutes.
Simtronics GDU-01 ultrasonic gas leak detectors available from ProDetec
04.05.2011 - Available from ProDetec, Simtronics GDU-01 ultrasonic gas leak detectors listen to the ultrasound that emanates from pressurised gas escaping in every direction.
The MultiSafe MX modular control system from ProDetec
25.11.2010 - The MultiSafe MX modular control system from ProDetec meets the most stringent demands for industrial fire and gas detection.
Cal 2000 gas generators from ProDetec
24.11.2010 - Cal 2000 gas generators from ProDetec have a compact hand held design.
Earth Monitoring Systems from ProDetec
19.10.2010 - ProDetec supplies the StuvEx earth monitoring system to permanently monitor the earth connection in industrial environments.
New Cal 2000 Gas Generators now available from ProDetec
15.10.2010 - The Cal 2000 gas generators deliver powerfully versatile and accurate calibration solutions in corrosive gas applications.
Preventing Fire and Dust Explosions with Firefly Preventive Protection Systems from ProDetec
04.10.2010 - ProDetec specialises in fire prevention as well as dust explosion preventive protection systems for use in diverse industrial environments.
New Laser-Based Open Path CO2 Gas Detectors from ProDetec
08.09.2010 - ProDetec announces the availability of a new range of laser-based line-of-sight CO2 gas detectors.
Test lamp for multispectrum flame detectors
13.08.2009 - ProDetec announces the availability of a new Hazardous Area Certified Test Lamp for its range of Multispectrum Optical Flame Detectors covering both IR3 and UV/IR detection range.
Simtronics GD1 toxic open path detectors available from ProDetec
05.09.2008 - ProDetec offer supply services for a range of Simtronics GD1 toxic open path detectors and fire and gas detection equipment.
ProDetec unveils new DMTV63 series of multispectrum flame detectors
10.06.2008 - ProDetec has launched the new Simrad Optronics range of multispectrum flame detectors, DMTV63 series, with inbuilt wireless communication.
Gas monitoring and warning systems available from Prodetec
09.06.2008 - ProDetec's gas monitor and alarm system is highly reliable and flexible for various applications. The gas monitoring and alarm system can be used as a single (CO2 only) or dual (CO2/O2) system and comes fitted with flashing beacon and a loud buzzer.
ProDetec unveils multigas detector for team protection and area surveillance
10.08.2007 - ProDetec, a leading supplier of Fire and Gas detection equipment and systems, has introduced a new transportable multigas area monitor BM25 from ISC Oldham.
New gas monitor and alarm system available from Prodetec
06.08.2007 - Gas monitor and alarm system can be used as a single (CO2 only) or Dual (CO2/O2) system and comes fitted with Flashing Beacon and a Loud buzzer as standard.
Simrad GD10L open path Combustible Gas Detector available from ProDetec
24.07.2007 - Simrad GD10L open path Combustible Gas Detector provides reliable and safe performance even under harsh working conditions.
Reliable gas detection with no false gas alarms from Simrad
18.04.2007 - The Simrad GD10P Gas Detector, manufactured by Simtronics in Norway and available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand from ProDetec,
IR-GUARD for protection of infrared dryers
04.04.2007 - For many paper manufacturers throughout the world, a major fire in the paper machine is a worst case scenario.
MultiSpectrum Flame Detector with Wireless Communication from ProDetec
03.04.2007 - ProDetec, a leading supplier of Fire & Gas detection equipment and systems, is pleased to announce the availability of a new generation of Multispectrum Flame Detectors from Simrad Optronics ICARE.
Intrinsically safe ultrasonic gas leak detector
26.07.2006 - PRODETEC Pty Ltd has released the Simrad Optronics new omni-directional airborne gas leak detector that responds to pressurised gas leaks. The intrinsically safe GDU detector instantly detects leaks operating over a wide dB range by 'hearing' the sou
Portable multigas detector with optional safe pump
09.01.2006 - OLDHAM has more than 80 years experience in providing reliable, high-performance instruments that effectively protect personnel working in areas at risk from explosive and toxic gases or insufficient oxygen. One such instrument is the Oldham MX 2100
Gas detection system for hazardous areas
08.09.2005 - PRODETEC has announced the new Simrad GD10M GasWeb, which makes it easy to expand a current gas detection system in hazardous areas while keeping new cable installation and expansion of control room control equipment to a minimum.
Stable H2S sensor
20.06.2005 - SIMRAD Optronics, represented in Australia by ProDetec, has developed a stable H2S sensor that does not drift, requires calibration only once a year and has a life expectancy of more than five years.
Backlight for level gauges
18.05.2005 - TECHNOR, represented in Australia by ProDetec has released a backlight for level gauges. It is easy to install and may be adapted to most types of level gauge. It has a very long lifetime and the powe
Increased sensitivity gas detector
06.04.2005 - AN infra-red gas detector that is five times more sensitive than the average IR gas detector is now available from Simrad Optronics. The Simrad GD10PE point extended infra-red combustible gas detector is designed for critical applications involving l
Electronic nose for early fire detection
03.11.2004 - FIREFLY, represented by ProDetec, has developed an electronic copy of a human nose, able to determine what is actually just a smell and what is a smouldering fire. The human nose has proven to be an excellent "fire detector".
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