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Simrad GD10PM combustible gas detectors from ProDetec for the mining industry

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ProDetec  offers a specialised range of combustible gas detectors designed for offshore installations and the mining industry.

Simrad GD10P gas detectors are suitable for offshore installations while the GD10PM version is adapted to the special requirements of the mining industry.

Simrad GD10PM gas detectors find application in coal face and roadheader machine monitoring. The detector can be sited near the cutting head to detect methane at the earliest opportunity.

Fixed monitoring is also enabled by positioning the gas detector near the point of any expected inrush of gas. These combustible gas detectors will provide local and remote ‘early warning’ alerts indicating high levels of methane.

Simrad GD10PM gas detectors are designed to simplify cleaning and maintenance, reducing the necessary dust cleaning to a minimum compared to conventional catalytic detectors.  

Key features of Simrad GD10PM gas detectors: 

  • False gas alarms are eliminated, resulting in significant savings through reduced production shutdowns
  • No field calibration required for service lifetime, saving time and money while preventing risk of error
  • Detection concept based on the measurement of infrared radiation passing through a volume of gas
  • Cannot be contaminated by exposure to high levels of gas, and is applicable in areas with a constant background gas concentration
  • Solid state silicon-based IR-source used in the GD10P is insensitive to shock and vibration, and does not need to be replaced during the detector’s service life  
  • Will provide warning if unable to detect gas unlike conventional catalytic (pelistor) gas detectors

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