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New gas monitor and alarm system available from Prodetec

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Australian Standard AS5034-2005 (Installation and use of inert gases for beverage industry) classifies a non-naturally ventilated area as any area which is neither outdoor nor naturally ventilated and then give some common example of these areas as: underground cellars and cool rooms.

The same standard then states that these areas shall be protected by the following mechanisms:

  • Gas Monitoring and alarms (Mandatory)
  • Safe System of entry and work (Mandatory) etc.

ProDetec  has the ideal gas monitor and alarm system for these applications – it allows monitoring of both high levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and/or low levels of Oxygen (O2).

The gas monitor and alarm system is highly reliable and flexible for the various applications.

The gas monitor and alarm system can be used as a single (CO2 only) or Dual (CO2/O2) system and comes fitted with Flashing Beacon and a Loud buzzer as standard.

Local LCD readout and LED’s on the front indicate the level of gas present and which alarm is reached and/or the system needs maintenance. Automatic latching of the alarm is user selectable (password protected).

For underground cellars, storage areas and cold rooms with multiple entries the system can interface with up to three remote alarm boxes that can be mounted inside the room and at the each entry.

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