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Intrinsically safe ultrasonic gas leak detector

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PRODETEC Pty Ltd has released Simrad Optronics’ new omni-directional airborne gas leak detector that responds to pressurised gas leaks.

The intrinsically safe GDU detector instantly detects leaks operating over a wide dB range by 'hearing' the sound generated by escaping gas at ultrasonic frequencies rather than responding to specific values of LEL or ppm.

Simrad's GDU compliments existing gas detection methods used in refineries, gas plant and offshore installations. It constantly monitors areas in which industrial operations are occurring - or are likely to occur - without affecting the ability to detect dangerous gas leaks.

The GDU has been in development for two years and offers significant benefits. It will reduce costs and add earlier detection of dangerous situations - early industry feedback is extremely positive.

The novel modified polyphenylenesulphide enclosure ensures the GDU is small, light and easy to fit, it needs no orientation and has a large area of coverage - while being intrinsically safe no flame path inspection is required.

The GDU is not direction sensitive, because it contains a wideband Piezoelectric transducer. This is particularly useful for onshore applications as the all-round detection capability can be maximised to cover large areas of risk from a single location.

The GDU's analogue output means the alarm level can be adjusted higher than its local background noise, making it suitable for areas with differing ambient noise. Sensitivity can be tailored to suit an installation's specific applications to avoid unwanted alarms.

It is configured with an industry-standard two wire 4-20mA output for easy interfacing to plant control DCS and no field set-up is required as the unit is factory calibrated.

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