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Increased sensitivity gas detector

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article image Simrad GD10PE -- five times more sensitive.

AN infra-red gas detector that is five times more sensitive than the average IR gas detector is now available from Simrad Optronics, represented in Australia by ProDetec .

The Simrad GD10PE point extended infra-red combustible gas detector is designed for critical applications involving large volumes of air with high velocity. The kind of applications that requires reliable detection of low gas concentrations and a very fast response.

Typical critical applications include the monitoring of air intakes for HVAC systems in living quarters or generators, and monitoring for potential gas leakages in areas with high temperatures in gas turbine packages.

The GD10PE is a stable instrument, and with a measuring range of 0 - 20% LEL the sensitivity for the GD10PE is five times higher than standard point detectors. GD10PE is designed for installation in air ducts and for mounting through walls and bulkheads in places such as pump rooms.

The GD10PE can also be used as a more traditional point detector in places where the properties of the GD10PE is required, such as low ppm level detection.

The GD10PE analogue output is 4mA at 0% LEL and 20mA at 20% LEL - this makes it easier to set alarm levels at much lower settings for faster and more reliable response.

The instrument is based on SimSource IR-source. The patented, silicon-based SimSource IR-source has a number of unique features and is insensitive to shock and vibration. Its long-term performance is stable.

SimSource has an expected in-service life of 60 years exceeding all current competing technologies, which often have an expected in-service life of only 2 to 4 years.

SimSource comes with an uncompromising 15 years warranty and does not need to be replaced during its service life.

Since the GD10PE is not employing acoustically sensitive detector elements, the GD10PE is not sensitive to vibration and rapid temperature changes. The GD10PE requires no recalibration during its service life.

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