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GasBadge Pro dockable single gas monitors from ProDetec

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ProDetec  presents the GasBadge Pro, a new range of single gas monitors from Industrial Scientific designed to deliver high quality and reliability standards.

GasBadge Pro single gas monitors provide a lifetime of gas hazard protection with features such as interchangeable smart sensors, long term datalogging, rugged enclosure and intuitive navigation.

Interchangeable smart sensors enable the GasBadge Pro to be quickly adapted to monitor unsafe levels of oxygen or any one of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, phosphine, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide.

GasBadge Pro communicates directly via an infrared interface with optional accessories such as the Docking Station, Datalink and infrared printer to further simplify and automate calibration, function (bump) testing and data downloading.

GasBadge Pro single gas monitors offer datalogging of up to one year of survey data along with an event logger that records the past 15 alarm events.

Key features of GasBadge Pro single gas monitors:

  • Rugged enclosure is RF immune, water resistant and durable
  • Concussion-proof overmold protects the unit from extreme abuse in harsh industrial environments
  • Simple and intuitive four-button navigation allows easy access to setup, operation and calibration functions
  • Interchangeable smart sensors monitor oxygen or any one of many toxic gases
  • One year datalogging capacity (minimum)
  • Standard STEL and TWA readings
  • Docking Station compatible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Minimum 2,600 hours continuous operation from replaceable CR2 Lithium battery
  • Powerful audible alarm complemented by vibrating and visual alarms as standard
  • Backlit display
  • PPM or % by volume readout
  • Go/No Go display mode
  • User adjustable alarm and calibration gas setpoints

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