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GD10 Infrared combustible and carbon dioxide gas detectors are now HART 7 compliant

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Leading fire and gas detection company, ProDetec announces that the Simtronics GD10 infrared combustible and carbon dioxide gas detectors have successfully satisfied all requirements for HART Communication Foundation’s Quality Assurance and Device Registration, Version 7.

The Simtronics GD10 series gas detectors are used in very large numbers in offshore oil and gas platforms, chemical and petrochemical plants, waste disposal facilities, gas turbines, power stations and general industry across Australia and New Zealand.

Widely used in some of the harshest of environments to protect workers and property from the threat of harmful gases, Simtronics GD10P point IR gas detectors and GD10PE Extended point IR gas detectors respond to either flammable gas or carbon dioxide with two solid-state infrared sensors that need no calibration or servicing during their lifetime. The infrared source is silicon-based and lasts up to 60 years unlike normal infrared lamps that operate for only 3-4 years.

The GD10 point gas detectors perform continuous self-diagnostic and calibration tests, giving clear warning if a malfunction is detected, eliminating false gas alarms. 

The Simtronics GD10 product family complements the new MultiFlame DF-TV7 series of Multispectrum IR flame detectors, the flammable MultiXplo DG-TX7 gas detector, and the toxic MultiTox DG-TT7 series gas detectors; all detectors are compliant with HART 7 registration requirements.

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