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Fire protection on timber and sawmills; halting the risk of dust explosions

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ProDetec presents the Firefly range of fire protection solutions for the woodworking and timber industry.

Every factory in the process industry is different; even within the same type of business, such as the woodworking or timber industry, no two factories operate alike. The risk for fire or a dust explosion will therefore vary between factories.

Fires can be caused in storage or when the collected dust in the dust removal system is ignited, resulting in damage and costly production downtime.

ProDetec and Firefly personnel have the required competencies and experience in the woodworking/ timber industry to design a safe fire prevention solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client’s operation. ProDetec systems have been in use across Australia and New Zealand since the early 1990s.

Companies can protect their process and factory from fire and dust explosions by equipping themselves with: a fast, reliable and tailor-made system of the highest technical standard; a system to detect potential hazards such as sparks and hot particles occurring in the process; a system not sensitive to daylight, thus minimising numerous false alarms and costly downtime; and an extinguishing method adapted to the specific process to minimise the risk of water damage.

Firefly has developed several unique solutions for the woodworking industry to protect facilities against costly fires and dust explosions. These include Filter and Silo protection; PlanerGuard; Band saw protection; SanderGuard; and PressGuard.

ProDetec and Firefly will perform an on-site assessment and design a solution that will provide optimal safety against fire and dust explosions.

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