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Electronic nose for early fire detection

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article image The MGD “electronic nose”.

FIREFLY, represented by ProDetec , has developed an electronic copy of a human nose, able to determine what is actually just a smell and what is a smouldering fire.

The human nose has proven to be an excellent "fire detector". In many cases a person has been able to smell the problem long before indication from any automatic system.

The MGD detector is used to indicate fire and emissions from hazardous substances. It is designed specifically for installation into industrial plants, storage facilities, ships and public areas including airports, railway stations, subways, theatres, and shopping centres.

The device registers a wide range of gas emissions and can thus respond to changes in the chemical composition of indoor air at an early stage due to the development of fire or other hazardous situations. These signatures are assessed by using an intelligent data analysis.

The system detects the origin of the hazard or type of the fire and triggers the warning. The prompt and positive identification of the origin of a fire or hazardous situation is the prerequisite of efficient management of the situation.

The device reduces the probability of false alarms considerably.

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