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ProDetec  supplies the StuvEx earth monitoring system to permanently monitor the earth connection in industrial environments.  

Static electricity is a frequent source of ignition. An electrostatic charge can be generated while handling conductive liquids or powders. This in turn can lead to electrical charging of conductive objects such as barrels, filing pipes, tanker trucks and FIBCs.  

Static spark discharges can be prevented by properly earthing objects.  

The earth connection of a fixed installation can be checked on a regular basis. With mobile installations such as a truck, barrel or FIBC, the condition of the earth connection can be easily missed.  

Additionally, simple clamps are often used and the connection might be neglected or working inefficiently due to a break in the cable, dirt or paint among other factors.  

Continuous monitoring of the earth connection is essential in mobile installations using an earth monitoring system.  

Earthing control system with object recognition  

The StuvEx earth monitoring system available from ProDetec permanently monitors the earth connection and uses object recognition, eliminating the possibility of incorrect use.

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