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article image ProDesign Lighting provides energy management for the theatrical industry.

PRODESIGN Lighting is now delivering cost saving energy management solutions to the entertainment and arts industry.

With the recent introduction of new technology such as innovative optical systems and light sources into theatrical luminaries, ProDesign Lighting can now apply cost-effective energy management and whole-of-life costing practices to performing arts and entertainment venues.

An evaluation of a venue is now available through ProDesign Lighting. To enable the evaluation to be implemented, a site visit of the venue will be required.

The evaluation involves:

* Recording accurate details of each lighting position and relevant fixtures including throw distances, beam angles and light output

* Preparing logs of both the incoming electrical supply and the dimmed output.

On completion of the data assessment, ProDesign Lighting will provide a full report addressing:

* Output and efficiencies of the existing rig

* Output and efficiencies of a proposed replacement rig

* Fixture comparison of ‘before’ and ‘after’

* Energy consumption comparison of ‘before’ and ‘after’

* Breakdown of running costs per lamp based on a three hour performance cycle

* Graphical representation of the incoming power supply

* Graphical representation of the outgoing dimmed supply

* Negative and positive summary of the evaluation.

ProDesign Lighting can propose replacement luminaires that are more optically efficient in terms of light levels.

Energy efficient light sources allow lower wattage fixtures but still provides superior coverage both on-stage and Front of House.

Additional benefits include:

* Lower energy consumption

* Increased lamp life

* Reduced maintenance

* Lower air-conditioning costs.

In a test case, ProDesign Lighting ensures that a venue is able to:

* Reduce the amount of fixtures by 14% while still maintaining the integrity of the system

* A 9% reduction in wattage is also possible, even if all fixtures are operating simultaneously

* The test logs also reveal potential problems, such as faulty dimmers or inadequate soft start circuiting

* In addition, an inrush current was recently recorded at 2,658V, which can significantly reduce lamp life and dramatically increase operating costs.

If a theatre is using a rig consisting of fixtures purchased prior to 1998, an evaluation by ProDesign Lighting will produce results.

ProDesign Lighting is now able to replace a 1200W Zoomspot (420lx) with a 600W Axial Zoom (438lx) resulting in additional light on stage and using a lighter smaller fixture. This halves the energy consumption and produces half the heat, which reduces the overall load on the air-conditioning system.

As an added benefit, the colour temperature of the latest technology lamp is higher, producing a brighter light without using any further energy.

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