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PC based lighting control system

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LightFactory is a unique PC based lighting control system, offering a no compromise approach of traditional dimmer control with fully featured moving light support.

Most PC based control systems focus on moving light support but lack the many features that make traditional lighting desks standout. LightFactory closes that gap and was specifically designed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator or designer could afford their own control desk.

LightFactory offers a simple, powerful and cost effective control alternative, with various options to suit all levels of users. These include:

LightFactory Starter Pack 36 Limited
LightFactory Pro 36 Starter Pack
LightFactory Basic 512
LightFactory Pro 512
LightFactory Pro 1024
LightFactory Pro 2048
Shortcut Wing
Playback Wing

For those wishing to experiment with this concept, the LightFactory Starter Pack comes boxed with everything required to get going, except the PC.

Lightfactory Limited (36 DMX Channels)
Open DMX USB interface
5 Pin to 3 Pin converter
USB A-B cable
Installation Disk
Quick Start manual

As an added benefit, there is an upgrade policy available that allows the user to move from the starter pack to the Pro version, without starting again.

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