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Flame retardant treatments from ProDesign

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ProDesign  are pleased to offer the Rosco Flamex series of Flame Retardant products.  

The prevention of fire hazards has become increasingly more important in the entertainment and hospitality industry.  No single flame retardant can effectively handle all the materials used in modern constructions; but Rosco manufactures a range of Flame Retardant products that offers a solution for all of the most common materials.   

Available in 3.8l, this water soluble product is best applied by immersion, but can be brushed or sprayed as required.  

ProDesign stock three specific styles plus a paint additive:

  • C26  Flame Retardant  -  Treating Scenic Textiles & Paper - Burlap, Canvas, Cheesecloth, Corrugated Paper, Cotton, Duvetyn, Muslin, Paper Scrim, Velour ,Velvet (Natural), Wool
  • S33 Flame Retardant -  Treating Synthetics & Cotton/Synthetic Blends - Acrylic Fabric, Felt, Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Satin, Velvet (Synthetic)
  • W40 Flame Retardant -  Treating Wood, Corrugated Paper and Cellulose & Acoustical Board - Acoustical Board, Cellulose Board, Corrugated Paper Hay, Plywood Wood (untreated)
  • P50  Flame Retardant -  Fire Retardant Paint Additive - Paints and Coatings

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