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Elegant Slimline Phoenix LED Lighting Panels from ProDesign Lighting

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ProDesign Lighting provide the Phoenix series of LED panel lighting, a highly efficient light source to suit commercial and domestic application, offering up to 75 lumens per watt.

Phoenix LED light panels - highly efficient light sources
Benefits of these panels include:

  • Comply with the 2006 Building Code of Australia efficacy requirements
  • Dramatically exceeding the ≥ 40 lumens/W by almost double
  • Offer the substantial savings of the extended life (+50,000hrs) gained with LED

Soft and diffused LED lighting products and integrated lighting controls

  • The light fitting's output is soft and diffused, creating an almost shadow free source which is ideally suited for office environments
  • With the choice of two colour temperatures, 3500K and 5500K, and featuring an auto sensing 90-254vAC power supply, these lighting systems are simple to install and operate
  • While most LED lights are not easily dimmable, an optional IR sensor and remote can be provided offering a smooth dimming curve which can also be integrated into the intelligent control systems utilised today in our lighting technology
  • An additional Master/Slave lighting solutions allows for a number of Phoenix LED panels to be networked together providing an integrated LED controls over whole floors from one location

LED Panel Sizes
Lighting Equipment Panels are available in:

  • 300mm x 300mm, 18w 1350 lumens
  • 600mm x 600mm, 72w 5400 lumens
  • 1250mm x 300mm, 72w 5400 lumens
  • 1250mm x 450mm, 72w 5400 lumens
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