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GP-3360T and GP-3310T colour touch-screen operator terminals available from Pro-face Australia

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Pro-face Australia , manufacturers of touch-screen operator terminals, have added two new models to the touch-screen operator terminals, GP3000 series. One is GP-3360T that is a medium-sized (5.7") type of touch-screen operator terminals with high-resolution VGA and supports Multimedia. The other is GP-3310T that is a standard type and is equipped with functions or interfaces required in various sites.

Since touch-screen operator terminals have 5.7" liquid crystal of high-resolution VGA (640x480) like 10.4" or 7.5" large-sized model, the power of expression is four times better than other conventional 5.7" QVGA (320x240) models. Furthermore, a multimedia function and a Ladder monitor function are equipped for trouble analysis. Especially, the GP-3360T touch-screen operator terminal is equipped with the multimedia function to take advantage of high-resolution VGA. Users can display video image of on-site operation from a connected camera, record the video when a trouble occurs and can analyse a cause with the recorded video.

The Ladder monitor function enables users to monitor on a screen, a ladder programme of PLC connected to GP-3360T or GP-3310T touch-screen operator terminals, and therefore a cause can be quickly determined on site at the time of trouble.

Following are the features of touch-screen operator terminals:

5.7" with high-resolution VGA: The resolution has increased by double pixels horizontally and vertically each and the power of expression has become better and downsizing has realised reduction of board space and low power consumption.

Multimedia Function: With a camera connected, operations of on-site machines can be displayed and a cause can be analysed with video recorded at the time of trouble.

Ladder Monitor Function: PLC's ladder programme can be monitored on a screen of a display unit and a cause of trouble can be quickly determined.

Environment-friendly operator terminals: Since display equivalent to one of a large-sized model is possible with power consumption of a medium-sized model, power consumption can be considerably reduced. Touch-screen operator terminals are also RoHS-compliant and do not include the specified hazardous substances such as lead. For a backlight, a mercury-free LED (Light Emitting Diode) is adopted instead of a conventional CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp).

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