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CANopen open network units released by Pro-face Australia

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Pro-face Australia , manufacturers of touch-screen operator terminals, have announced the release of the open network, ‘CANopen’ used throughout Europe and equipped with master function. A total of fifteen units are available from Pro-face Australia.

The fifteen touch-panel displays, comprising of 7 models from the GP3000 Series with built-in CANopen master and 8 models from the LT3000 Series with CANopen master unit installation, are currently available.

Slave equipment, such as motors, which are connected through the CANopen network can simultaneously be operated and controlled with the help of the master function.

In addition to Pro-face Australia’s wiring saving network (FLEX NETWORK), the new products supporting CANopen have been released.

The features include:

The slave equipment which supports CANopen, and was made by a 3rd party can be connected with the help of the open fieldbus network. The temperature input and counter are supported.

The master unit for LT3000 can be installed.

The recommended third-party slave units, which have had their evaluations completed, will be accordingly added on request.

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