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ProFace is the worlds largest manufacturer of touch screen HMI’s. The company is now into its 20th year and has sold well over 2 million touch screens worldwide. With a huge range of HMI’s, touch screen PLC’s and IPC’s from 3.8” to 19” to choose from, we are sure to have a product to suit your application.


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19/06/09 - Pro-Face Australia has launched the cost effective AST range in Australia and New Zealand.
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18/06/09 - According to Pro-Face Australia, HMI applications require a serial connection to a PLC. Pro-Face Australia have launched AST range of models that have been built on the AGP3000 series.
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23/02/09 - Pro-Face Australia have announced the launch of GPProEX V2.5, a HMI screen creation software package. This software package can be used to programme Pro-Face Australia‘s AGP3000 series, LT3000 series,
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20/02/09 - Pro-Face have released the RGB input unit for the AGP3000 series. This module has been developed for Pro-Face 10.4”, 12” and 15” TFT colour HMI’s.
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GLC2000 series GP2000 series GP3000 series LT series PL series Pro-face PS series ST series

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